Local Business Development Sector

    This is the Pivotal Sector for Expertise House “Saleh & Hegab” as it plays the crucial role of developing the Business Activities Domestically in addition to relaying projects Internally to all designated sectors by function; Design, Projects & Construction sectors.
    Its main tasks are exploring business opportunities domestically in all types of projects and industries, Strengthen relations with current, new & potential customers as well as complete integrated coordination with all “Saleh & Hegab” internal functional sectors during proposals preparations till submittal.

    Due to the necessity of having an integrated & dedicated consultancy team for Banks, this sector was constructed since 1992 to cater for all banks consultancy needs.
    It all started 1978 contracting with “Bank du Caire” and since then we have provided our complete Integrated Engineering Consultancy Services to almost all Major Banks in Egypt which enriched our teams’ experience in this sector gaining our customers ultimate satisfaction in all services we contracted for in all projects sectors; Design, Construction Management & Supervision, etc.