Irrigation and Drainage


    LOCATION                                      (105 000 ha.) Located in three sub-project areas.  The sub-project areas are Mahmoudia (55 500 ha) in Beheira Governorate; Manaifa (17 800 ha), and El-Wasat (31 700 ha) in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate

    CLIENT                                            Ministry of Public Works and Water Resources, Egypt (MPWWR)


    1. a) increase agricultural production and farmers’ income by improving the irrigation infrastructure, facilitating more equitable distribution of water and improving on-farm irrigation management,
    2. b) improve long term sustainability, through takeover of responsibility for the O&M of the tertiary level by the farmers and,
    3. c) strengthen the institutional planning and implementation capacity of MP in the irrigation sector.

    Project description

    1. i) Delivery System

    * Application of continuous flow and downstream water level control using automatic control gates, with the utilization of night storage, on the water delivery system

    * link the main control structures with the MPWWR telemetry system to facilitate the operation and allow for central control operations of key regulators and for the monitoring requirements as well;

    * to construct around eight pumping stations for recirculation of the drainage water by proper mixing with the fresh water resources to upgrade the water use efficiency.

    1. ii) Tertiary System;

    * to improve around 2 700 tertiary canals with estimated total lengths of 3,000 km, through the provision of either elevated prefabricated lined sections or low pressure PVC pipes with Alfalfa outlets.  Each tertiary will be provided by a single lift pumping station at its off take from the main delivery canal.

    iii) Irrigation Advisory Service;

    * IAS is a governmental agent formed under the project and is assigned to form and train Of around 2 700 Water User Associations (WUA) on the tertiary level and grouping them at the branch canal level,

    • Provision of building facility for 29 command area centers, each covering area of about 2500 to 4200 ha. Each center will serve WUA groups on one or more command areas;
    1. iv) The Water User Associations (WUA)

    The WUA are private associations formed on the tertiary canal levels to cooperate in the operation and maintenance of the operation and maintenance of the water course, and related facilities such as community pumping units, etc.  They are legally have the right to collect the costs of operation and maintenance, replacement of equipment and facilities and related construction as well.  They also have the right to open bank accounts to keep their savings.

    The IAS staff is trained to communicate with the farmers and assist them to select their leaders and form their WUAs.  Each WUA is trained in seven phases to operate efficiently.  Under the IIP project they have also to participate in the selection of the alignment of their water course and in the selection between several types of improvements.

    1. iv) On-Farrn Irrigation Management Demonstration:

    * The program will focus on demonstrating proven technologies and transferring to farmers fields.  These technologies include better land leveling by conventional means or through laser leveling, use of gypsum or other amendments to improve soil conditions and quality, irrigation scheduling, quantity and size of irrigation stream, length and length of furrow and border strips etc.

    1. v) Communication:

    * The communication program aims at the general rural public and project farmers.  It will stress the importance of water conservation, to general rural public and improved services, productivity, gains and need for cost sharing.  The program would cover the above themes through a series of campaigns, selection of mix media, fon-nulation of messages, pilot testing and expansion to a wider area.


    LOCATION                                Republic of Mali

    CLIENT                                      Ministry of Rural Development & Water “Office du Niger”

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Actualization of Preliminary design and Tender documents, Evaluation & Selection of contractors and award of contracts & Construction supervision

    The project area is situated to the border of Niger River at 1350m upstream of the drainage canal of Kokry down stream of Macina Village which is about 120 km of Sejou city.

    The project comprises two zones ;

    • 1140 ha (project area as phase I)
    • 740 ha submersion controlled .

    The development objective of the project is to increase agricultural production on about 2880 ha, through:

    Providing reliable and timely water supply to the water users by removing existing constraints

    Removing drainage constraints.

    The scope of work included the following :

    • Main canals
    • distribution networks
    • land drainage and main drain system
    • organization of the preparation and maintenance of all the system .

    and this lead to :

    • Actualization of preliminary design and tender documents.
    • Evaluation and selection of contractors and award of contracts
    • Control works and construction supervision .


    LOCATION                                Kindia & Mamou Regions in Guinea

    CLIENT                                      Ministry of Agriculture & Livestock

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Preparation of design drawings, studies & tender documents, Construction Supervision

    The project components:

    1. a) Supporting the production process:

    This project consists of reclamation of 200 ha., at Mamou District to produce banana, and will include soil preparation, irrigation and drainage networks with all related activities. Also preparing 700 ha., through ploughing, plantation of seedlings and fertilizing the land.

    This process includes supply of machinery and means of transportation such as:-

    • Ten (10) pumps with discharge of 4 L/second to irrigate the seedlings and bananas.
    • Two (2) tractors with all attachments.
    • Two (2) lorries each with capacity of 10 tons, (2) pick ups with capacity of 2 tons each and other normal transportation means.
    1. b) Different Buildings as:
    • Establishment of cooling unit with capacity of 2500 tons of pineapple during the harvest season and office building at Kindia District with total area of 300m2. The pineapple harvest will be exported to Senegal and Europe.
    • Establishment of 5 freezing units each covering a space of 200 m2, two will be located in Kindia and 3 in Mamou.
    • Establishment of 4 warehouses each covering an area of 200m2, two in Kindia and 2 in Mamou.
    • Establishment of a processing unit to produce fruit juice in Kindia with capacity of 16000 L/day, a quality control lab over an area of 200 sq.m. The total area of this building amounts to 400m2.
    • Establishment of an assembly hall and office building in Kindia with total area of 180m2.


    LOCATION                                Republic of Mali

    CLIENT                                      Ministry of Rural Development & Water “Office du Niger”

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Elaboration of Feasibility Study & Preliminary Design and Supervision of executed works


    Ké-Macina village is settled at 135 km from Ségou and 370 km of the Capital “Bamako”. It’s a village riparian the Niger river and located at the left side of the river. The river bank is the subject of the present study runs along the village from the east to the west for 1 670 ml. The concerning zones for this protection are:

    • The administrative district begins from X-ORAM to the house’s chief of the district.
    • The harbour of the village.
    • The road which runs along the commercial center of the village.
    • The East district on the road Ké-Macina – Teninkou

    The subject of the project to be achieved were:

    • Rehabilitation of the embankment protection of the village.
    • Assurance the security of the inhabitants against the flood.
    • Improve of the marine transports and facilitate the movements of goods.

    For the above reasons, the following works had to be achieved:

    • Preliminary Design Study
    • Elaboration of Tender documents
    • Control and supervision of the executed works.



    LOCATION                                Republic of Mali

    CLIENT                                      Ministry of Rural Development

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Preliminary Design, Establishment of Tender Documents, Construction Supervision

    The project area of SAOUNE is situated to the north of Mali, population 80 000 inhabitants  The hydro-graphic networks are consisting of Niger River and its branches, which is far away about 250m from SAOUNE.

    The project objectives are the increase of the Agriculture revenues and Food Security.

    SABBOUR Associates Scope of Works:

    • Preliminary & Final Design
    • Tender Documents
    • Construction Supervision.

    The Study of the Integrated Rural Development of SAOUNE includes Land Reclamation of 400 ha. Irrigated by pump and development of related activities (Livestock, water & Forests, health…. etc.).

    To carry out the above mentioned works, the following aspects shall be realised:

    • Data collection
    • Updating of Agro – socio – economic studies.
    • Establishment of Preliminary design, Final design of Land reclamation.
    • Tender documents for land reclamation.
    • Tender documents for related buildings.
    • Detailed Financial & Economic analyses of the project
    • Establishment of Agro – socio – economic perspectives after land reclamation.