Power Generation


    LOCATION                    10 Ramadan City, Egypt

    CLIENT                          Al-Tajamouat Investment Company

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES Concept Design, Preparation of Tender Documents & Review of Contractor’s Design

    Provide Al Tajamouat Egypt a comprehensive Electrical Sub-station concept design, as follows:

    1. Electrical System:

    1-  Design criteria of concept design

    Projections of load on distribution substation are completed (diversified demand) short circuit studies have been made and the interrupting ratings of equipment will be determined, complete reviews with electrical Cairo Transportation Company.

    According to the above mentioned size of substation and size of each transformer will be determined.  In addition to fix the required area and the type of buildings after an economical study. Since most of loads will be industrial loads the protection system will be chosen, so design criteria will be completed.

    • Concept of general layout.
    • Concept of single line diagram at 66KV
    • Concept of control building arrangements
    • Concept of single line diagrams at medium
    • Concept of single line diagram at low voltage
    • Concept of single line diagram for low voltage switch board
    • Concept of scada system
    1. Architectural Preliminary design (Plans, elevations & sections) for the following buildings:
    2. Fences and gates
    3. Control buildings
    4. Service buildings
    5. Structural Design:
    • Choose suitable structural. System
    • Concrete Dimension for Columns, beams and slabs.

    D- Preparation of Complete TOR, evaluation, analysis, recommendation , contract documentation (General & Particular Conditions,) and assist Al Tajamouat  in the award for all electrical, civil, structure, MEP and other necessary works  , review contractors’ detailed design and comments including verification of final design to ensure that it is Complying with EETC requirements.

    Saleh & Hegab‘s scope of work extends to provide technical support with the Ministry of Electricity during execution of Al Tajamouat Contract with EETC for sub-transmission.


    Wind Farm

    LOCATION                                Zafarana – Gulf of Suez

    CLIENT                                      New & Renewable Energy Authority

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Participation in Design and Construction Supervision

    The project aimed at constructing the first wind farm in Egypt, planned to produce 600 MW, with first phase for 60 MW.

    Our Firm responsibilities included studying the interface between the wind farm (0.4/22kv) with the EEA substation at Zafarana 22/220 KV 4×125 MVA and the preparation of the overall strategy of the project.  This implied consideration for:

    • The configuration and sitting of wind turbines.
    • Sizes / outputs of wind turbines.
    • Strategy for know how and technology transfer.
    • Design principles for the control and monitoring system.
    • Interconnection to EEA Substation.

    Our Firm scope of work also included:

    • Site surveys.
    • Site clearance from mines.
    • Geotechnical surveys.
    • Preparation of outline design for E/M.
    • Preparation of detailed designs for:
    • Turbine Foundation.
    • Control & Administration Building.
    • Utility Building.
    • Workshops and stores.
    • Roads and infrastructures.
    Interconnection to EEA substation and Zafarana

    Electric System TB2

    LOCATION                                Cairo Airport

    CLIENT                                      Cairo Airport Company

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Design & Supervision of Installation

    The objective of this renovation is to replace all the existing electrical system without the interrupting the working conditions of TB-2.

    The new electrical systems is designed to use all  advantages of existing system and  avoid any disadvantages.

    New system and equipment were introduced to the  electrical system, e.g. dry type cast resin transformers, SF6 medium voltage switchgear with new technologies, the latest moderate power monitoring and control system, P.F. correcting capacitors, voltage regulators, …. Etc.

    Also a detailed load analyses together with simultaneous field measurements of load variations and characteristics at various location carried out.  A harmonic analyzer was used in pre-selected location of the M.V./ L.V. network to monitor and record variations in the current, voltage, p.f., harmonic content,… etc. of the supply.

    Automatic voltage regulators (A.V.R) which acts and responds automatically to correct the voltage to the nominal voltage 11 K.V was used.

    By- pass switches shunting the isolating transformer (T4), to keep the reliability of the supply to the essential loads.

    The ratings of some distribution transformers in the system was increased to allow increasing the essential loads, supplied  by the emergency diesel- generator sets in case of power failure and allow for future expansion.

    The  SCADA ( Supervisory, Control and data acquisition ) system was incorporated in the new system to enable remote monitoring and control of all M.V. circuit breakers and main L.V. circuit  breakers, also the system employ the most update tele-metering technology and software packages.

    Essential lighting for “arrival” and “departure”  and other halls shall be increased from 25% to 100% of the total lighting load belt conveyors emergency loads will be increased to 100% . For 400 cycle station ,emergency loads will be increased to 50% .

    The control panels and The synchronizing  panel of the existing diesel generators sets were changed to new digitally control panels and employs modern power electronics technology.

    For air- conditioning, it was arranged for the provision of an additional transformer rated at 2.5 M.V.A & 11KV and 6.6KV panels for the planned third chiller.  Also the existing 6.6KV panels feeding the chillers were replaced with new up-graded panels.


    Cairo West Power Station

    LOCATION                                Oseem, Giza

    CLIENT                                      Ministry of Electricity & Energy

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Participation in Design and Construction Supervision

    The project comprises the extension of west Cairo power house by installing 2×350 MW units, thermal steam turbines, working by dual system i.e fuel oil or natural gas.  The new extension is self-dependent i.e.  all new facilities are incorporated in the project.  The following main and auxiliary buildings and components are constructed:

    –     Steam turbine building.

    –     Condensate and polishing plants.

    –     Gas insulated switchgear building.

    –     Boiler plants and Chimney.

    –     Control buildings.

    –     Hydrogen production plant.

    –     Water intake & circulating water buildings.

    –     De-mineralized water  makeup and cooling water treatment plant.

    –     Chlorination plant.

    –     Emergency diesel generator and switchgear.

    –     Mechanical and Electrical Workshops and Training Center.

    –     Administration Building.

    –     Locker and Timekeeper Building.

    –     Gatehouse Building.

    –     Main Stores.

    –     Industrial wastewater treatment Plant.

    –     Sewage treatment plant.

    –     Study excitation systems (AVR, thyristors)

    –     Study protection system


    Cairo South Combined Cycle Power Station

    LOCATION                                Helwan, Cairo, Egypt

    CLIENT                                      Egyptian Electricity Authority / Ministry of Electricity & Energy

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Participation in Architectural, structural, electrical and piping design activites

    The project comprises the extension of the existing Cairo South Power Station, by installing a combined cycle of 110 M.W. combustion turbine and 50 M.W. steam turbine with heat recovery steam generator.

    The project comprises the different basic components for a power plant where our firm is involved in the following:

    –     Power generation building: steel structure and turbines foundations.

    –     HRSG foundation.

    –     River intake and river discharge structures.

    –     Water treatment building.

    –     Yard foundations (tanks, transformers, seal well, manholes, .. etc.).

    –     Hydrogen general building and combustible fluids building.




    200 MW Wind Farm

    LOCATION                                                                   Gabal El Zayt – Red Sea

    CLIENT                                                                          New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)

    VALUE                                                                          L.E. 2.8 Billion           YEAR: 2009

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES                                          Participation in Design and Construction Supervision

    To Implement the National Strategy in generating electricity by use of clean energy resources, NREA has contracted with Grontmij-Carl Bro / Saleh & Hegab group to provide consultancy services for the construction of a 200MW wind farm in Gabal El Zayt Area.

    Scope of Work mainly covers:

    • Drafting of a conceptual design study for the proposed wind farm.
    • Carry out a wind resource study to precisely assess the site parameters.
    • Prepare qualification criteria and technical specification for the wind turbines and qualification criteria for bidders.
    • Carry out a detailed planning of electrical works.
    • Prepare technical specifications.
    • Carry out a detailed topographical survey and a detailed planning of roads and erection platforms.
    • Prepare detail design of service area (Main Control & administration building, workshop, store building for spare parts and utility building).
    • Carrying out the detailed Bills of Quantities (BOQ) for the relevant works.
    • Assist NREA in carrying out international bidding.
    • Assist NREA in technical and financial bid evaluation.
    • Supervising the construction and erection.
    • Monitor and coordinate with EETC the implementation progress for the medium/high voltage substation and the high voltage overhead lines to connect substation to the main Zafarana – Hurghada lines.