LOCATION                                  Cairo – Alexandria Desert Road

    CLIENT                                        6 October for Development & Investment Company (SODIC)

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES                       Participation in Master Plan, Detailed Design for phase I, construction supervision

     The 2600 acres project site enjoys a unique location that is promising for commercial and real estate development purposes. It is located at the intersection of two main highways, Dahshour road and Cairo – Alexandria desert road at the entrance to the 6th of October City, with elevation much higher than the neighboring areas, making the site visible from long distances. It overlooks the agricultural land and the Giza Pyramids to the south and southwest and is close to the proposed site for a new international airport. After the completion of the Cairo ring road and 26 July arterial road it will take almost 30 minutes to reach down town Cairo.  The prevailing climate is dry and warmer than Cairo’s temperature by 2° c. The site has a long frontage on both the main highways  which enables the development of a planning conception that will make it very attractive as a residential and business center. The project is composed of the following elements:

    • Housing of different categories & levels.
    • Commercial centers (such as a Mega mall) along the central spine.
    • Educational facilities, institutes & colleges.
    • Recreational activities, touristic and convention centers, sporting clubs,…. etc.
    • Medical center.
    • Central public parks & green areas.


    LOCATION                                Aswan Governorate – Egypt

    CLIENT                                      Aswan Governorate / Danida

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Master planning and Design

    The project aims at the development of the Sadaka District with an area of approximately 328 acres on the plateau to the east of Aswan City. The project’s main objective is to provide a planned alternative to the uncontrollable and continuous unplanned urban expansion and growth of the adjacent area. An initial study and an action plan were performed to supply necessary infrastructure, such as roads, potable water, sanitation and electrical power supply for the whole area.

    The project tasks comprise the following:

    – General planning for the total (328 acres) project area.

    – Detailed design for the pilot first phase (35 acres).

    This area shall provide the limited income people with access to planned and serviced plots of lands for housing and for the establishment of small industry workshops to create a pilot project adopting the latest aided self-help housing local government policies.

    The total area is planned to contain the following:

    – Urban expansion – 169,000 acres.

    – The central spine – 5,000 acres.

    – Landscaping – 3,000 acres.

    – Small workshops – 16,000 acres.

    – Roads network & transportation – 63,500 acres.

    – Undeveloped area & safety berms – 71,500 acres.

    The pilot project will be replicated in other clusters within the same district in the Governorate to overcome environmental problems caused by the uncontrollable urban expansion.


    LOCATION                                Al Zarka Governorate, Jordan

    CLIENT                                      Jordanian Armed Forces

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Master & Detailed Planning, Feasibility Study and Project Management.

    The project aims at planning the area of 5600 feddans used at present as army camps, to accommodate 448,000 inhabitants. The project is divided into phases which starts with a pilot project having an area of 600 feddans to accommodate 22,500 inhabitants. The planning required the following studies:

    • Study of the present conditions: land survey, geological, environmental, social and economic conditions, in addition to transport studies.
    • Field Surveys: surveys of the existing structures & facilities to cover a diameter of 1km
    • Study to Regional & Urban conditions: including the site limitations, planning parameters, land use, etc.
    • Prepare alternatives to the Regional Plan: which consists of 7 districts, each includes a commercial center for every day demand, in addition to a city central spine that accommodates all commercial, cultural, and recreational services
    • The Pilot Project: which represents phase I of the project implementation and consists of urban areas to meet the different demand standards annexed with administrative, commercial & cultural service areas.


    LOCATION                                State of Kuwait

    CLIENT                                      Housing General Organization

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Master Plan & Participation in Infrastructure Networks Design

    The project aims at the planning and design of infrastructure networks for the residential West Geleeb El Sheioukh area. The main planning objective was to provide 5100 serviced plots 400 m2 each, in accordance with the owner’s design criteria and standards applied to the planning of residential areas and including the design of the main project services. The total project area is 600 Hectares to accommodate the forecast population 250,000 inhabitants. It comprises the following components:

    • Educational facilities: 9 kindergartens, 7 mixed primary schools, 6 mixed preparatory schools and 4 mixed secondary schools.
    • Religious facilities: 18 local mosques and 2 central ones.
    • Commercial facilities: 1 central market, 9 commercial retail and sale facilities.
    • 1 polyclinic.
    • Social facilities: city hall, a library, social and governmental offices, 2 post office buildings, 2 emergency generators buildings, 2 gas stations, 2 banks, 2 youth centers and a maternity & childhood center.
    • Public areas: Bus terminal, fuel station, fire fighting station, 3 parks.
    • Infrastructure facilities: 8 main transformer stations, 200 secondary transformer stations and water reservoirs.


    LOCATION                                Qalubeya, Egypt

    CLIENT                                      Urban Planning Authority

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Master Plan & Urban and Infrastructure Studies for Future Expansion Areas.

    Benha City is an existing city situated 47 km to the north of Cairo.The city accommodates 89,000 inhabitants representing 5.3% of Qalubeya Governorate. 20,000 inhabitants occupy the city center, 46% of them work in agriculture, 16% work in the industrial sector and the rest work in other sectors.

    The structural and the master plan prepared to the city are  including the proposed infrastructure & roads networks for the year 2020.

    Similar to informal settlements an initial study was made to upgrade the existing city.

    The target of this study included the analysis of the existing community economic aspects, social characteristics and expectations.

    The study was also performed to supply the necessary infrastructure, services and urban expansion.

    The main planning concept was to provide the limited income people with access to planned and serviced plots of lands for housing.

    The urban expansion area was planned to be a residential neighborhood divided into 3 zones containing 18 residential clusters to accommodate 120,000 inhabitants.

    The services area includes community services facilities, religious facilities, commercial, retail & wholesale facilities and kindergartens which should be in addition to central services, easily approached by the roads network and pedestrians walkways such as the educational facilities, medical centers, public buildings, recreational & athletic facilities and cultural facilities.

    The extension of the industrial area includes small industry workshops, handicraft workshops and warehouses.