Transit System & Airports & Harbors

    Greater Cairo Metro Line 2 – Phase 1

    LOCATION                                Cairo – Giza

    CLIENT                                      National Authority for Tunnels

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Review of Design, Site Supervision & Construction Management

    Following the success of the regional line in abatement of transportation and traffic problems, the decision was made to proceed with Line 2.  The line is 18kn long, extending from Shubra El Kheima railway station, north of Greater Cairo, to Giza railway station, south west of Greater Cairo.  The construction will be in two phases.

    Phase I:           10.8km long. It extends south wards from Shubra El Kheima railway station above ground for a distance of 0.8km, alongside the Cairo – Alexandria Road and parallel to the Delta railway lines.

    It then rises on a viaduct for a distance of 1.6km, to cross the Delta railway lines. The line then descends into a tunnel, passing under Ismailia Canal, using the cut and cover method for a distance of 1.4km.  It then extends in a bored tunnel through Ramsis Square, Attaba Square to Tahrir Square for a distance of 7km using a shield driven tunneling method with a depth ranging between 15m to 27m.

    Greater Cairo Underground Metro (Regional Line)

    LOCATION                                Cairo

    CLIENT                                      National Authority for Tunnels

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Engineering studies and designs for diversion of public utilities, traffic studies structural designs for all-important buildings annexed to the tunnel

    The Underground Metro forms a basic solution for traffic & transport problem to Greater Cairo.  It is planned to achieve 3 main lines:

    –    Regional line (constructed) : between Helwan & El Marg (42 Km).

    –    Urban Line I : Shoubra El-Kheima to El Moneib Railway Station (19.5 Km).

    –    Urban Line II: Imbaba to Cairo Airport (8 Km)

    The contract for realization of Phase I of this project was awarded to a French-Egyptian Consortium “Interinfra-Arabco”, on a turnkey basis.    The group consisted of 19 companies (17 French, 2 Egyptian) divided into the following 8 sub-groups: Civil works, track laying, signalization & low voltage, power supply, catenary, equipment & workshops, engineering, face collection and equipment.

    Underground part of the regional line begins at Ramses Square to Sayeda Zeinab length 4.2 km including 5 underground stations: Hosny Mobarak, Orabi, Gamal Abdel Naser, Anwar El Sadat and Saad Zaghlool.

    Intersection Stations are:  Hosny Mobarak, and Anwar El Sadat.  Lengths of platforms in the stations are 200 mts.

    Saleh & Hegab formerly Sabbour Associates Scope of Work:

    –    All studies and designs  – including diversion of public utilities: sewage, water, electricity (high, medium, and low voltage) telephones and T.V., networks, gas networks, etc…

    –    Traffic studies.

    –    Structural designs for all-important buildings annexed to the tunnel and Sayeda Zeinab station (a station with halls for arrival and departure, ticket rooms and utilities).  Platforms serving 3 lanes of 200 mts length each complete with sheds.



    Gaza International Airport

    LOCATION                                Rafah – Gaza Strip Palestine

    CLIENT                                      Palestinian Civil Aviation Authority

    FIRM’S RESPONSIBILITIES       Planning, Design and Infrastructure Design

    The Airport designed as category D-4 International Airport.  The runway is MTS 3080 x 45 + 2 x 7.5.  Evacuation Capacity is 250 passengers/hr.  subject to upgrading to 800 passengers/hr.  Our company’s role was to carry out the design for civil work in addition to the general master plan for buildings of the airport.  This design work covered the following buildings and structures:  Runway, taxiway, aprons terminal building, civil aviation authority and Palestinian airlines buildings, control tower and technical building, rescue station, general purpose maintenance workshop, ground equipment building cargo terminal building, power station building, under ground water reservoir fencing, guard towers and gates.  Our role also was to cover the design work for site earth moving work, site surface drainage, and coordination with the electromechanical contractors, control and aviation equipment supplies, and fulfilling their needs in the civil work design.